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The Premier Deer Attractant
Produced by Shinnery Ridge, LLC
Cheyenne, OK

The Premier Deer Attractant

Get ready for the upcoming season with BUCK BLITZ DEER ATTRACTANT. The attractant deer crave and rush to, time and time again. No matter the location if there are deer anywhere around, they will catch the sweet scent and come running. View pictures and testimonies made by all types of hunters. The weekend warrior to well known hunting guides, and everyone in between.WARNING…Deer will come back time and time again digging holes trying to find more Buck Blitz!!! They absolutely love it.YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED…and neither will your hunting stories. Order your BUCK BLITZ ATTRACTANT today or look for it in local hunting and outdoor stores near you.

Packaged in a 40 lb bag. (Recommend to pour 15-20 lb in a pile or line…then sit back and wait for the Bucks to rush to you!)

We are a local, state owned company with dealers located all over the state.

If you are an interested dealer please feel free to email us at info@buckblitz.com or locate contact info on the dealer info page and we can drop off a sample and get you on our dealers list.


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